Team Volta Power Lease

Drs Johan Eleveld

Finance, controlling and technology

Johan is an experienced finance professional, graduated from the University of Leiden in public administration and the University of

Johan Eleveld, foto
Johan Eleveld

Amsterdam in Business Economics.

He completed a postgraduate training as registered controller in Amsterdam and General Management of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. At the start of his career Mr Eleveld mainly worked on complex financial corporate structures.

Johan developed and restructured his family company. From 2011 onwards, Mr Eleveld is active as a financial professional in the market for sustainable entrepreneurship and project advisory and as Professor of sustainable entrepreneurship at the Controllers Institute.

Drs Peter J.L. Berger

Project management, marketing, communications

Peter Berger, foto
Peter Berger

Peter started his career as environmental management consultant at Fugro N.V. He developed further in project management and change management in hospitals and government in the Netherlands.

After he sold the health care consultancy company Peter started developing health care apps and websites to improve health care information. Focus on business development, project management and online marketing.

Peter graduated in Economics and successfully finished a post-doc Environmental Management Consultancy.


Dede Kalkan

Logistics Manager, Finance

Dede Kalkan
Dede Kalkan

Dede is an experienced Logistics Manager and has a demonstrated history of +7 years of working in the INGO and consultancy industry. He is skilled in the operations of Logistics, Procurement and Fleet management.

Dede holds a Masters degree in Finance and enrolled in a PhD program in Rural Development and Turkish Economy.

Dede is an investor in renewable Energy mainly in Solar Power.


Onuora Alexander Chinedu

Mechanical engineer and Energy Auditor

Onuora Alexander Chinedu
Onuora Chinedu

Onuora is a proactive, adaptive and conscientious mechanical engineer. He applies vast experience in planning, designing and managing equipments, machines, power and manpower in providing energy solutions.

Onuora is regularly part of alternative energy provision projects in various states and communities in Nigeria.

Besides that Onuora is an experienced Energy Auditor.

Karakuyu Solar Park for Else Energy, Turkey
Karakuyu Solar Park for Else Energy, Turkey