Social impact

Social impact

June 5, 2019 Off By Editor

Social impact on the community

The autonomous power system will have a positive social impact on the community in Ogikwe.

Better health care

The Bavaria hospital will be able to improve health care to the benefit of all, but especially women and children. The Antenatal and Maternal Care treats a significant part of the patients of the hospital. A major part of the patients are treated in the Antenatal and Maternal Care. Health care will be better because reliable energy makes it possible to work safer, plan better and work when dark. An operation, for example, will not have the risk of being cancelled because the electricity failed.

Women will benefit

Reliable power will help the community to grow: economically, environmentally and intellectually. Women will benefit even more than men.

Not having access to modern energy is the burden mainly faced by women. Women walk long distances to collect fuel wood, women spend their days ingesting harmful air pollution as they cook or run diesel generators and women skip school earlier than men to help their families.

Airconditioning during daytime and electrical appliances for cooking, household or agricultural tasks improve daily efficiency in tasks mainly carried out by women. Light in the evening allows people to study, read a book or search the internet. Again it will help women to eliminate the backlog.


Bavaria Hospital is an employer of many women in the region in various roles. Training the personnel is part of the assignment of the hospital. Nurses in training from the nearby School of Nursing Umulogho Obowo frequently attend the hospital.

Nurses in training in front of Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital
Nurses in training in front of Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital

The local community is already involved in the project and will be trained in maintenance and use of the solar parc and the batteries.


The autonomous power system will, as mentioned, save 1990 tons CO2 and the soil will not be contaminated by leaking diesel any more.