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Social impact

Social impact on the community The autonomous power system will have a positive social impact on the community in Ogikwe. Better health care The Bavaria hospital will be able to improve health care to the benefit of all, but especially women and children. The Antenatal and Maternal Care treats a significant part of the patients…

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Solar Investment Opportunity: Bavaria Hospital

Bavaria Specialist Hospital is a new top notch health care centre with a high need for reliable electricity. To achieve that an autonomous power system, solar panels and batteries, will be realised near the Nigerian town Okigwe. This unique solar investment opportunity will guarantee improved health care to the region at a lower price. Contact Volta Power Lease to participate.

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Sustainable alternative for diesel generators in production facility

Diesel is an expensive and unreliable source of energy for Nigerian production facility. The production facility in Lagos Nigeria used to consume more than one million liters of diesel per year for its operations. Due, in part to the unreliability of the Nigerian electricity network, its factory in Lagos is currently using diesel generators. Using…

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