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Off-the-grid thinking to end Nigeria’s blackouts

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most developed, resource-rich countries and yet it has notably failed to provide its people with a reliable electricity supply. That is at last beginning to change. Five years after the privatisation of Nigeria’s power sector, even the most luxurious Lagos hotels still suffer daily blackouts. The size of the gap…

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Generator Diesel Exhaust: a Major Hazard to Health and the Environment in Nigeria

Diesel exhaust contains more than 40 toxic air contaminants, including many known or suspected cancer-causing substances, such as benzene, arsenic, and formaldehyde. It also contains other harmful environmental pollutants, including nitrogen oxide, currently the single most important ozone-depleting emission.  Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 183, No. 10 | May 15, 2011

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Why The Solar Energy Market Will Thrive In Africa And Globally – Lou Kraft, SolSuntech CEO

Lou Kraft is the CEO of SolSuntech Inc. – a solar panel manufacturing company that recently introduced 3D solar panels producing an ultra-high 33% efficiency. Currently, no other solar panel on the market is capable of achieving such levels of performance. Mr. Kraft’s next step is to make this innovative technology available to African and global…

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Social impact

Social impact on the community The autonomous power system will have a positive social impact on the community in Ogikwe. Better health care The Bavaria hospital will be able to improve health care to the benefit of all, but especially women and children. The Antenatal and Maternal Care treats a significant part of the patients…

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