Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital

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New Top Notch Hospital in Okigwe, Nigeria

The Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital is one of the multiple Catholic assets that constitute the Mary Hill Catholic Centre Okigwe. An autonomous power system with solar panels and batteries, will be realised to guarantee improved health care to the region at a lower price.
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The site was conceived in 1987 for the proposed Mary Hill Centre for Pastoral, Health and Technology. Due to ownership issues of the site and efforts to finance the hospital took a while, but on 10th December 2016 Mary Hill began with Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital.

Since that day the hospital has continuously improved;
● Installation of 24×7 hour solar powered light supply in the hospital.
● Provision of 2 extra emergency vehicles.
● Constant hiring of medical specialist to deliver the best medical aid with the region.
● Construction and equipping of world class x-ray and radiology Centre.
● Construction of the access road leading to the hospital.
● Treatment of over 3,000 patients since opened with 241 successful major and minor operation and 367 successful deliveries.

Part of the team of Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital
Part of the team of Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital

Vision and mission of Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital

Medical excellence and trusted by patients

Excited by the present possibilities, the hospital looks forward to delivering top notch medical care to the region. The hospital wants to be known for its medical excellence and trusted by patients and wants to provide optimum health care service in combination with empathy, passion, care, respect and conductive environment, in order to improve individual and community health and quality of life, while making all our patient feel like part of the “Bavaria catholic specialist hospital family”.


Enhancing the patient experience and delivering patient-centred care is top priority of the hospital and is what The Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital is known for. In order to achieve this they carry out hourly rounds and bedside shift report for their inpatient and post-discharge calls for their discharged patients. They want to make the patients journey to recovery a smooth one.

Team-based care

Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital Okigwe staffs are family and they act as such. They operate in carefully selected teams consisting of physicians, nurses, and, staff ,trained to deliver specific medical service In order to deliver quality and better patient care.

Bavaria Hospitals Units and services

General Surgery

General surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge of and responsibility for the preoperative, operative, and postoperative management of patients with a broad spectrum of diseases, including those which may require non-operative, elective, or emergency surgical treatment. The breadth and depth of this knowledge may vary by disease category. Surgical management requires skill in complex decision making; general surgeons should be competent in diagnosis as well as treatment and management, including operative intervention.

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards that provide treatment and monitoring for people who are severely ill or injured, who needs close monitoring and support, the hospital has highly trained staff who specialize in caring for critically ill patients.

Antenatal and Maternal Care

Maternal care consists of pregnancy and child birth care and these periods of a woman’s life are very vital times for both the mother(s) and their families. With this in consideration, the hospital has a comprehensive Antenatal packaged service which aim at providing safe and supportive environment for both your baby, the mother and the family.

The hospital strives at providing excellent maternity care with experienced midwives enhancing child bearing experiences for expectant mothers through well-organized interactive sessions, including health education classes for the expectant mothers, optimum care standard and checking up of clients and their babies through calls, text and emails.


Neurosurgery encompasses the diagnosis, assessment and surgical management of disorders of the nervous system. The neurosurgeons at Bavaria Catholic specialist Hospital are on the lead in treating neurological conditions in South-eastern Nigeria using the latest techniques in neurosurgery, such as minimally invasive surgery. Neurologists and neurosurgeons provide expert and person care for every patient.


The Paediatric department (Children’s ward) provides inpatient and outpatient treatment of chronic medical and surgical conditions in children from birth up to 17 years old. The department consists of the private paediatric wards and the neonatal intensive care unit. The hospital provides General Paediatric and Specialist services which includes Special Care New-born services Unit equipped with incubators, phototherapy and piped oxygen. The hospital also provides paediatric surgery and orthopaedics.


The urologists deal with diseases, trauma and congenital abnormalities of the kidney, bladder, genitalia and urinary tract as well as male sexual and reproductive health. Urology combines management of many non-surgical problems, such as urinary infections, and surgical problems such as the correction of incontinence, prostate problems and the treatment of cancer.

Fully Equipped Lab

Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital Okigwe has a state-of-the-art clinical laboratory. The full-service laboratory is equipped to perform testing which spans the major disciplines of laboratory medicine. Our Laboratory provides rapid, accurate, and meaningful data for optimum patient care.

The Labatory of Bavaria Hospital
The Laboratory of Bavaria Hospital

An autonomous power system, solar panels and batteries, will be realised at Bavaria Catholic Specialist Hospital near the South Eastern Nigerian town Okigwe. This unique solar investment opportunity will guarantee improved health care to the region at a lower price for power.

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