Investment opportunity

Bavaria Specialist Hospital is a new top notch health care centre with a high need for reliable electricity. To achieve that, an autonomous power system with solar panels and batteries will be realised near the Nigerian town Okigwe. This unique investment opportunity will guarantee improved health care to the region at a lower price. Contact Volta Power Lease to participate.

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Autonomous Power Systems

Power is needed

Two billion people worldwide live in areas without grid connection. Even more people have electrification, but it is non-reliable, expensive and pollutive. Without reliable power businesses and hospitals can’t do their jobs properly. Without grid connection people have no light in the evening to study or electricity to cook. Power is an important condition for prosperity. 

Mini grids

Autonomous Power Systems or mini grids are a combination of power supply and battery storage. The battery storage can be fed by every kind of renewable energy source, for example solar, wind, hydro or biomass and even conventional power sources. Sources can be mixed in an optimal combination of these sources in a mini-grid.

Volta Power Lease takes care of the financing. The company leases and develops the Autonomous Power Systems and, once in operation, Volta Power Lease maintains and monitors the power systems. Volta therefore works with local partners for these jobs and thus optimises results for the local community. 

Impact: autonomous power systems lead to prosperity

More power

The autonomous power system will produce more power than a diesel generator, because renewable energy sources are developed to generate more power. They also produce power when there is no
immediate demand. Power will then be stored in batteries. 

More reliable power

Power 24/7. Electric appliances will work when you switch them on, always. You can do your work as planned.  No more unexpected breaks. 
The battery garantees power. If needed a small diesel generator for emergency cases can be added to the system.

Cheaper power

Diesel generators produce expensive power. The combination of unreliable grid with diesel generators is also expensive. The Autonomous Power Systems will almost all be cheaper. But most important: they will give companies the opportunity to do more: increase productivity. 

Less pollution

Diesel generators are dirty. CO2 emissions will be reduced to almost zero. Diesel contamination of the soil happens in every situation where diesel generators are used. Soil contamination doesn’t happen with solar panels.

Local partners

Volta Power Lease teams with local partners depending on their skills for construction work and maintenance. If necessary the company trains people. In the case of rural electrification Volta makes sure that local people are trained to guarantee continuous supply of power. 

The local community is supported with profit sharing in local projects. 

Volta Power Lease

Autonomous Power Systems need an impressive amount of money to be developed, designed, constructed and maintained. Volta’s focus is on development and finance. 

Our technical experts make sure the system has the capacity needed optimised with renewable energy sources that meet the local demands and opportunities.

Our financial experts offer a mix that will suit the developed plan that leverages risks like currencies, payments and defaults.
In many cases the mini-grid is leased to our client who pays a monthly fee for the power. After the lease period the client has the opportunity to buy the Autonomous Power System from Volta Power Lease.

Local partners and EPC contractors will make sure that the system is build, maintained and secured as promised.